The World of Aadrynne

HOTDQ Evil Edition: Session 1

Session 1: June 24/16

2 Years have passed since Devurog ended the Seekers of the Key and won the Battle for Anastasai. In that time, he turned the once thriving human kingdom into a wasteland now named the Realm of Madness. Recently, the great Demon Dragon has allied with one of Faeodal’s largest cults, the Cult of the Dragon. He has sent them on a secret mission, to collect treasure for a great hoard. Most believe this hoard is for himself, but there are others that believe there is a more sinister reason.

The Cult commissioned a number of their members to head to Dravell and begin with raiding towns and villages all throughout the lands. Mercenaries are being hired by the dozens to go and join the campaign, and there are a few of them that stand above the rest. The contact in the camp was one of the chief lieutenants of the cult, a man named Cyanwrath.

Two bandits from the great Northern Deeps slowly approach the Raider’s Camp. One was a towering goliath, while the other, a good friend of his, was a grey colored lizardfolk. As they approached, another person arrived, a human by the name of Lucius, but he took to the shadows as he saw the two bandits speaking with a kobold. This kobold refused to let them pass asking them for some credentials.

The goliath had none and thought Kirk the Kobold was better off dead. As the goliath electrocuted the kobold to death, another man appeared, and came beside them. This man was a strange sight to see, a kenku. When everyone saw this Kenku they made sure to keep their coin purses a little closer.

The kenku, goliath, and lizardfolk headed into the camp, after killing Kirk the Kobold and being directed by another kobold. The human followed them in the shadows. Finally, one more human arrived, this one with his hood pulled as to hid his face.

They all headed to the back of the plateau hollow, where they found a large tent. Outside stood four stoic guards flanked by four drakes. The group asked to go in, but the guards refused, saving only those they recognized by face or voice would be allowed in. The goliath didn’t like hearing that and started to argue with the guards, they told him to back off or they would be killed. The guard told them they weren’t the first mercenaries to try and intimidate them, and they wouldn’t be the last, so it would be best if they stepped off.

The goliath refused to listen and placed a hand on one of the guard’s shoulders. He sent lightning through his touch, and the man collapsed to the ground. Instantly the drake’s attack him, and he was restrained by the guards. The kenku, as well as the hooded human, tried to walk into the tent in the confusion. However, they were met by a large force as they tried to walk through. They were pushed back as a large being walked out of the tent.

He was seven feet tall, blue-scaled, with a reptilian muzzle and eyes. He looked down at the commotion and demanded he knew what was going on. Just then the lizardfolk tried to cut the restraints from his goliath friend. The half-dragon was not happy about this and had his guards detain the lizardfolk. He ordered they be imprisoned and told the remaining three mercenaries to come into the tent.

Inside they found two others. Both of them women, one was a human and one was a black half-dragon. The half-dragon had an air of dominance about her. When the group of mercenaries entered they stopped their conversation. The black half-dragon made to exit saying she was heading to the Hatchery. The group was then brought over to the human.

She was wearing elegant purple robes, that seemed to show her status among the cult. She introduced herself as Frulam Mondath and asked the other’s their names. Lucius gave a fake one, and the Kenku told them he would rather not tell names. He explained in their line of work they didn’t last long so names were pointless. The other hooded human agreed.

The blue half-dragon said he was Cyanwrath. Mondath and Cyanwrath explained that they were going to be raiding a town the next day by the name of Greenest. He explained to them that the goal was to collect as much treasure and loot as they could and bring it back.

He then told them that since it was already into the evening, they had no duties by come the next day they would have jobs. They explained that they were to touch nobody in the cult. Mercenaries always seemed to think they ran things in the camp, but they were always quick to learn it was quite the opposite. He then explained that the cave at the back of the camp was completely off limits. They were then dismissed.

At the camp’s center, the goliath and lizardfolk were being imprisoned. Cyanwrath came over to them and explained to them that he was an honorable man, and would give them a chance to win their safety. If they were able to defeat his best warrior, they would prove valuable and be allowed to live. The lizardfolk started to back talk him, and this angered Cyanwrath.

He ordered that the lizardfolk be the first to fight, and without a weapon for pissing him off. The lizardfolk was thrown into an empty circle surrounded by a huge crowd. A human man dressed in a large grey coat and mask entered.

He removed two daggers and began talking to the crowd. The fight started, and the human threw a dagger right into the shoulder of the lizardfolk, knocking him down. He then walked closer and asked the crowd if they wanted to see the lizardfolk dead. Lucius tried to convince the warrior not to kill the lizardfolk, but in the end, he threw his other dagger into the eye of the lizardfolk, killing him.

Next, the goliath was brought into the arena. When asked if he would like a weapon, he refused. He charged the human and tried to land a punch. As he did so the human connected with two attacks from his daggers. The goliath collapsed from blood loss. This time the mysterious human tried to convince the warrior not to kill the goliath, but in the end, the warrior decided to throw the goliaths body from the top of the plateau, about a 150ft. Drop.

Once the two bandits execution was done, camp business returned to normal. Lucius retired to the hut he had been assigned, which he said with the rest of the men he had met with. After a bit of exploring the camp, the Kenku returned to the tent and looked at Lucius as he faked sleep. He crawled into his own bed, and set up a bomb trap, should anyone try something foolish. The mysterious human left the grounds of the camp to do some secret demonic rituals. He then also returned to the hut.

In the morning the camp was alive with people preparing for the raid. By noon they were ready to go. The group of mercenaries noticed that Cyanwrath was waiting at the head of the raiding party, with a very irritated look on his face. Lucius approached him and asked what was going on.

Cyanwrath was whispering to himself about a person named Lennithon, and how it was dishonorable to always be late. Lucius asked who Lennithon was, but Cyanwrath didn’t answer him.

A few more minutes went by before they found out who Lennithon was. A thundering sounded in the distance, and a large blue shape appeared in the sky. It quickly became apparent that this large blue shape was a dragon.

It landed next to Cyanwrath and he sighed. The dragon and half-dragon argued before the dragon took off again and the raiders became to march to Greenest. The group of mercenaries took some time during the march to get to know each other better, but some of them were cold and mysterious.

The march to Greenest was 12 miles from the Mercenaries camp and took the group 6 hours to make it. By the time they arrived the sun was starting to set. They stopped on the outskirts of town, behind a hill, while Lennithon charged forward, and began sending the townsfolk into chaos, however, it was clear to the mercenaries that the dragon was not super enthusiastic about the raid.

Cyanwrath ordered the raider’s to attack, burn the town, and take as much treasure as they could. Kobolds, cultists, and raiders charged into the fray. The half-dragon then turned to the mercenaries and gave them their own objective.

He told them they were clearly more than just average mercenaries, so he tasked them with a different job. A few days ago, he sent scouts to the town to scope the place out. He informed them that the governor of the town was an elderly human man named Nighthill. The people loved him and he was a good leader, but he wasn’t their biggest problem. His castellan, a southern dwarf by the name of Escober the Red, was their biggest problem.

Their job was to sneak into the Greenest Keep, and take out Escobert. From there they would open the keep’s gates, which Nighthill was for sure to close, and let the rest of the raiding party in. This would give the cult access to the keep’s treasury.

Cyanwrath then made a clear point that the group was to leave any and all treasure alone, and take none for themselves. Mondath already agreed to pay them for their services, so they needed no extra. Cyanwrath made a point to about the kenku, telling him to keep his hands to himself, and he was said he didn’t trust the human Lucius. The other human of the group, the one with the cloak, agreed to watch over them. Because of his hood, no one quite knew what he really was, so Cyanwrath trusted him to keep an eye out.

Lucius and the kenku took off right away, leaving the mysterious human behind. They went right to the hill that the keep rest on, and followed along a shallow creek. They looked for any type of sewer entrances, or something similar, and found an iron gate that led into the side of the hill.

They tried the iron door and found that it was locked. The Kenku removed one of his bombs, being the alchemist that he was and placed a special powder into it. He grabbed a hold of Lucius and threw the bomb. The two of them teleported and reappeared exactly where the bomb had exploded.

Meanwhile, the mysterious human went looking for the others, as they had left without him. He found a dead guard and placed his armor on. He went to the keep gate and tried to convince the guards inside to let him in. They were too freaked out about the dragon and the raid to open the gate so they turned him away. He ditched the disguise and went looking for another way in. When he couldn’t find one he went to lighting buildings on fire and killing innocents.

Lucius and the Kenku continued to walk through the tunnel when they turned around to see another person was following them. He was a plant looking thing, known as a wilden. They were confused and surprised to see him, and they were even more surprised when he informed them that he had been there the whole time. They didn’t know how they could have missed him, but they greeted each other. The wilden introduced himself as Oaken and they continued one through the tunnel, with Oaken in the front.

Suddenly they could hear a skittering in the tunnel. Oaken let off some light, and ahead of them, they saw a swarm of rats racing towards them. Oaken grew a war scythe from his body and began slicing the rats to bits. Lucius scaled the wall and began firing with a crossbow (I think). The Kenku hurled a bomb at the rats which exploded in necrotic energy.

The rats proved no challenge and they continued on. Near the end, they discovered someone sitting against the tunnel wall. He was a creepy looking guy with strings hanging down from all around him. They were prepared to attack him when Oaken told them he was his friend Strings and that he was a part of the raiding group. Again the Kenku and Lucius were confused as they had never seen him before, plus they weren’t sure how he had gotten ahead of them. Regardless they continued on.

Soon the tunnel ended in a door, they picked the locked but were unable to open in as something was blocking it. They shoved the door open together and knocked over several boxes in the process. The room was completely dark, save for Oaken who was glowing and Lucius’ touch. During that time, the mysterious human was able to find the tunnel entrance after chasing someone through the creek. He got through the door and followed the tunnel.

The room the others were in was an old storage cellar that looked like it hadn’t been used in years. They explored around but found nothing useful in the boxes and crates. They found an exit at the other side and started for it.

They opened the door and were surprised to find spears pointing in their faces. Several guards stood blocking the doorway. Behind them were several elven monks, and one in particular stood. Before that elf took off, they were able to catch a glimpse of an insignia on his clothing. A blue shoe on a silver background. They recognized this as the symbol of a secret organization type guild that was dedicated to protecting people.

The mercenaries prepared themselves for a fight.


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