The World of Aadrynne

HOTDQ Evil Edition: Session 2

Session 2: July 8/16

Vinditus (the mysterious man who is now not a sorcerer but a fallen paladin) and Oaken both drew their weapons, a massive bastard sword and a war scythe respectively. They engaged in battle, and quickly dispatched of the two guards in front of them. Lucius, the human assassin, whom everyone still thought was named Cornelius, snuck around one of the corners, and began firing his wrist crossbow.

The monks ran forward after the guards fell, and the other two guards fled, half because they were scared and half to get some backup. The monks proved issue for the mercenaries, and they struggled to stand there ground.

During the fight, a very tall, very ominous being appeared behind Vinditus. The being grabbed him by the shoulder, and shoved the paladin back. This being stormed through the open door and began fighting one of the monks.

One of the monks were able to knock Oaken unconscious. He was standing one the stairs, and as he fell he smashed them apart. Lucius and Vinditus continued to battle, and were able to take down one of the monks. After that Vinditus rushed over and began used his Lay on Hands powers to heal the fallen wilden. Celestial magic began forming around his hands, but slowly turned into corrupted tendrils of shadow magic. With the Ethereal Bleed vanished, paladins and cleric powers have no longer been able to work. Despite this, Vinditus is able to heal Oaken.

The tall being from before continued to battle the monk. Using its claw bracer it slashed the monk across the face, leaving a hideous gouge, and taking out his eye. The monk used his agility to escape the being next attack and then fled further into the keep.

The mercenaires then approached this seven foot tall being, who had since taken to sucking the blood from a body. Viniditus was not okay with its lack of respect for the dead, and the two of them nearly got into a fight. Lucius called the thing a vampire, but the being assured them he was a goliath, named Wan. Most of them didn’t buy it but they had no reason to press the subject further.

Lucius, put on his common/pleasant clothing, and smeared blood all over the shirt. He told them he would go on ahead and infiltrate the people. The others agreed it was a good plan, and they would follow slowly from behind. Wan didn’t pay any mind to them and decided to continue alone, even though he was there for the same purposes as the mercenaries.

Lucius took off down the halls, following the blood trail from the monk. He held his side where he had smeared the blood and pretended to lip. Back at the others, Wan turned into a bat, further making the group question who he truly was, and flew up to the ceiling. Vinditus and Oaken gave Lucius a head start and then followed the blood trail themselves.

After several twists and turns through the halls, Lucius found the main hall of the keep. Several guards were standing watch outside the doors, and he found the monk speaking to them. Beyond them in the massive hall, Lucius could see hundreds of scared people, some being attended for wounds, and others crying in the corner, not sure what to do.

Lucius ran up to the guards, wincing as if he was injured. He started to freak out saying that “They killed my brother, there are intruders in the keep.” The guards ran over to him and helped him walk. The monk them ordered that a they waste no more time, and he sent more guards after the intruders.

The guards brought the assassin over to some of the healers. Lucius noted that these healers were no more than temple acolytes and were doing there best to attend to the wounded. One of them asked him where he was hurt, and he told them it wasn’t his blood but his brothers. He then asked if there was anywhere he could go to be in private to mourn his loss. The healer lead him to a room, while Lucius scanned the crowd, and saw both the older governor Nighthill, and his castellan Escorber the Red, that was once used for storage. Inside there were six others mourning their own losses.

Meanwhile the others walked through the keep following the blood, while Wan flew above. Suddenly the pounding of marching feet could be heard up ahead. Oaken and Vinditus stopped and tried to think of a plan. In the end their plan consisted of taking the enemy head on. The two of them ran forward and turned the corner where the footsteps were coming from.

Ahead of them were four guards. As soon as the guards noticed the mercenaries. The front two jumped to their knees, and the back two hurled their spears at Oaken and Vinditus. The two of them were easily able to deflect the spears, but nearly took a hit, when the front two surprised charged them.

Vinditus and Oaken began battling the two guards, while Wan, who was still flying above as a bat, silently landed behind the two guards who had thrown their spears. Wan drew his war fan, and began attacking the two of them.

The battle was short lived, and the guards were easily killed. Again Vinditus and Wan nearly got into a fight of their own as the two of them argued and through some punched. Their scrape ended, when Wan turned back into a bat and took off down the hall, heading towards the keep’s main hall. Vinditus and Oaken continued walking forward.

Lucius, meanwhile, was in the storage/mourning room was they all heard the fearsome cry of Lennithon, the blue dragon, outside the keep. That is when the assassin got a brilliant idea. Everyone in the room was frightened by the roar of the dragon, and he used that to his advantage. He started a panic.

He began screaming that they had been put into the room as sacrifices. They were on an outside facing room, and the were in the perfect position for the dragon to come and get them. The crowd started to panic, and then as if on cue the dragon roared again, and Lucius screamed that the dragon was inside the keep.

All six of the people in the room believed Lucius and they all started to scream. They burst out of the room, and screaming that the dragon was in the keep. This caused mass hysteria among the whole crowd, and quickly all the hundreds of people in the hall started to freak out. Nighthill and his guards tried their best to keep the calm, but it was not working. Escobert escaped out of the hall through a backdoor, to go investigate. The crowd of people burst out of the hall, and started to stampede through the keep’s corridors, while Lucius snuck after Escobert unnoticed.

During that time, Wan had already flown into the hall as a bat, and watched the mass panic unfold. He followed after Lucius as the assassin went after the dwarf castellan. Not far from the main hall, Oaken and Vinditus were still walking the halls. They could hear this faint noise of trampling footsteps, and screams. Then they saw the herd of people stampeding towards them.

Oaken took shelter and hide against the wall in an alcove, while Vinditus, unsure of what was going on, started screaming himself, and began running ahead of the crowd. They started to follow them, as he raced back towards the storage he and his group had used to enter the keep. The paladin accidently lead them to a dead end. Vinditus tried his best to make sense of the crowd, but panic was running rampant through them.

The crowd almost beat Vinditus to death for being a vampire, but instead they mobbed one of their own. Vinditus then said he would lead them out of the keep as they were freaking out since they believed the dragon to be in the keep. He lead them back to the sewer entrance, and past the bodies of the guards they had killed. Vinditus stood by the entrance in the storage room and began waving people into the sewer tunnels.

When everyone was through, a guard that had been trying to control the crowd thanked Vinditus for his help in saving everyone. What neither of them knew was that a large group of raiders had found the sewer entrance and were slaughtering the people as they exited the tunnel. The guard looked over at the dead bodies of his fellow guardsmen, saying it was a shame that they had died. Vinditus agreed with him.

The guard then smiled saying, it wasn’t that bad since one of the guardsmen left behind and really hot wife named Ellen. Vinditus asked out of ten how hot was she, and the guard answered eleven. The guard then told Vinditus that she had been in the mob of people. Vinditus turned down the tunnel and started charge down it, screaming he couldn’t miss the opportunity of an eleven.

When he arrived outside he began to search the slaughtered bodies of the crowd, but was unable to find anyone worthy of an eleven. He then joined in with the raiders outside, and they headed around the keep’s walls.

During this time Oaken waited for the crowd to past, and then made his way to the empty main hall. There were still several guards in the hall, too many for him to take on alone, so he waited, watching for an opportunity.

Meanwhile Lucius followed Escorbert through very dark hallways, and up a staircase. Escobert went through a door, which lead out onto the walls of the keep. In that moment Lucius saw dozens of guards on the wall, and a guard manning a ballista, which he was using to attack Lennithon the dragon. This faded from view when the door closed and blocked his sight.

Lucius went up to the door. He took out a rope, and fashioned a noose. He attached this rope to a grappling hook system he had on his wrist crossbow. He then scaled the walls, one foot of each side, nearly doing the splits. Lucius hung the noose just in front of the door, the perfect height for a dwarf.

Lucius waited a few minutes before he heard footsteps approaching from the other side of the door. They were distinctly dwarven footsteps. The door open and Escobert walked right into the noose. Lucius fired his wrist crossbow into the ceiling, switch pulled the noose up, making Escobert hang a few inches from the ground. Lucius not over the barring system of the door to make sure no one else would be joining him.

The assassin drew his dagger, and slit the dwarves throat while he hung from his neck. Lucius released his hanging system, and then removed the dwarves head. He took a key ring on the dwarves belt, and also his longsword, and special dwarven handaxe the castellan was carrying. On the handaxe were dwarven runes, but he was unable to read them. Lucius then removed the dwarves head, to present to Cyanwrath to prove the dwarves death, and he picked up the body.

Lucius brought the dead body back to the door leading into the main hall, and placed the body against it. He made a noise, and hid in the darkness. The guards opened the door and were appalled as the body came falling towards them. The guards freaked out and then they sent detachments to go find the intruders.

As several of the guards walked across the main hall, Wan who was still in bat form full up to the ceiling of the main hall, and pulled the pins from a hanging chandelier. The thing fall and crushed a group of guards walking beneath it.

Oaken watched this happen in confusion. Wan then flew down and towards Lucius, who was now finding his way to the courtyard of the keep, where he was going to open the gate to let the raiders in. Wan returned to his normal form, and Lucius accepted his help after a brief conversation. The two of them found a door leading to the massive sixty foot by sixty foot courtyard. Walls surrounded it, which were occupied by several guards raining arrows on the raiders. Others guards were at the portcullis of the poking their spears through the iron bars at a large group of raiders. Cyanwrath was at the forefront of this, attacking guards through the gate.

Lucius donned his peasant disguise again, and told Wan to wait behind the door, as he made his way into the courtyard. There were a few guards close by them, seeing to their wounds. Lucius came limping out, announcing that the raiders were in the keep. He told them they were slaying the people, and had already killed the castellan. He said they needed backup.

The guards raced off into the keep, not noticing the seven foot tall goliath behind the door. Lucius quickly walked across the courtyard, the guards too preoccupied with combat to notice. He entered one of the gatehouse towers, where he found the crank to raise the portcullis. He looked across the courtyard and waved Wan over to him. Together the two of them started to turn the crank, slowly raising the gate.

They could hear shouts of the guards outside demanding that they close the gate. Suddenly guard opened the door, and found Lucius and Wan. Before he could attack them, he was impaled by a spear from Cyanwrath. The half-dragon praised them for their good work. Lucius presented Ecobert’s head, and Cyanwrath smiled.

During all this time, Vinditus had found his way to the bulk of the raiding party, the ones who were storming the keep gate. He pushed his way to the front and followed Cyanwrath into the courtyard when the gate opened. After he noticed Cyanwrath talking to Lucius and Wan, Vinditus drew a javelin, and throw it at Wan, still holding a grudge from their last exchange of words.

Unfortunately, Vinditus missed terribly, and the javelin struck Lucius in the shoulder, damaging a lot of his tendons and rendering his arm useless. Vinditus was extremely sorry for the incident and had no intention of injuring Lucius. Cyanwrath was furious about this, and ordered that there would be no infighting and they would speak about this later.

Cyanwrath then commanded the raiders, to storm the rest of the keep. He also said it was time to raid the treasury, where Lucius promptly gave the half-dragon the keyring from Escobert’s belt. Cyanwrath thanked him, and the raid continued.

Once the Cult of the Dragon had seized control of the keep, Cyanwrath has the raiding party gather in the courtyard, and Lennithon departs. They have taken some prisoners, some survivors have either fled or are in hiding. Cyanwrath has the party make a large circle. He then throws an injured Governor Nighthill into the center of this circle. Six of Cyanwrath’s men have guards hostage with daggers at their throats.

Cyanwrath then declares to raiding party, that they will give Nighthill one chance to save his men. He will face a champion. Should Nighthill win, Cyanwrath will order the prisoner’s release, and the raiders will leave. Should Nighthill die, they will execute his remaining guards, and they will take the prisoners back to the camp.

Cyanwrath then asks the crowd of raiders who wishes to face Nighthill as the champion, and Vinditus volunteers. As he is heading into the center, Oaken uses his powers to imbue Vinditus’ bastard sword with a Rite of Lightning. Electrical energy began to swarm around his blade as he entered the arena. Nighthill was given his own sword for the battle.

Vinditus charged Nighthill. It came at a surprise to everyone when Nighthill was able to deflect Vinditus’ first blow, even with his injury and age, the old man proved a capable swordsman. Vinditus attacked again, and Nighthill dodged out of the way. He rolled and grabbed a handaxe off the ground and hurled it Vinditus. Vinditus dodged the blow, and began whispering words in celestial as he charged. Thunder began to build up in his weapon as he unleashed a thunderous smite on Nighthill. Mixed with the lightning energy from Oaken’s rite, Vinditus devastated Nighthill with his one blow.

The Governor of Greenest fell and the raiders had the guardsmen killed. The raiders then collected themselves, the prisoners and all the loot and proceeded to march back to their camp. Along the way the mercenaries spoke to Cyanwrath about their success. The half-dragon was surprised and impressed by their near flawless work in the keep. He then gave them a proposal and asked if they would join the Cult of the Dragons as recruits, saying they could make good use of their abilities. Vinditus thanked him and said they would need some time to consider.

Vinditus then asked if he would be aloud to have one of the prisoners after he noticed someone fitting Ellen’s description among the captives. Cyanwrath told him know saying, that they have strict rules against giving prisoners to his men. But after some convincing Cyanwrath allowed them to have a prisoner, as long as no one else found out.

Upon arriving at camp the sun was nearly about to rise. Venditus headed to the prison section of the camp, and found Ellen. Lucius followed him there, and was able to talk with Vinditus and made him swear to treat Ellen with kindness. Wan took his own prisoner, an old blacksmith, and drag him away from everyone else. Vinditus then found some other mercenaries and used his renown of defeating Nighthill, to get himself some drink.

They gave Vinditus some of their homemade ale, and Vinditus downed the cup without a breath. He kept the drink down like ale, and asked for another. The men had never seen anyone handle themselves so well, and Vinditus downed another six drinks. He asked for the whole cask, and the men gave it to him without question.

Vinditus then immediately headed towards their tent, with Ellen in toe. Their he found his followers, Fredrick and Gedrick. They talked back and forth, before the drinks finally set in and he passed out, holding the cask of ale in his arms.

Lucius then went to his bed, while Wan dragged his prisoner out of sight. He started to drain the man’s blood, not enough to kill him but enough to make him pass out. Wan then carried the body over his shoulder and laid the man in bedside Vinditus. Gedrick asked what was up with the man, and he said he was drunk. Gedrick shrugged his shoulders and continued to play cards with Fredrick. Wan then headed off to bed.

When they woke again, it was almost noon. The camp was alive, and a messenger arrived at their hut to tell them that Cyanwrath had summoned them. Vinditus was furious when he woke up next to the half dead, blacksmith and then proceeded to try and punch Wan. After their little spat, Vinditus asked if they were going to join the cult? They talked briefly about it, agreeing it that it wouldn’t be a bad plan.

They headed to Cyanwrath’s tent where they found the half-dragon, the human in the purple robes, Mondath and the black-half dragon Rezmir. She was sitting in the corner writing on some paper, not even noticing the group when they walked in.

Cyanwrath asked/ordered them to sit, and they did so. Cyanwrath handed them their pay, two-hundred and fifty gold, plus another fifty for a job well done. It was clear that Mondath wasn’t happy about the extra pay.

Cyanwrath then asked them again if they would like to join the cult as recruits. They asked more about it, and he informed them that it usually takes months, maybe years of training to become a full member, but after seeing what they are capable he told them it would take them maybe only a few weeks learning the ways of the cult. The group asked more questions and Cyanwrath and Mondath answered them the best they could. Mondath and Wan got into a heated conversation, after where she informed him maybe he wasn’t meant for the job and belonged with the other mercenaries. In the end she accepted Wan and he joined along with the rest of the group.

Cyanwrath told them they would give them more details later, and for now they were to go out and help with the camp duties. While the group walked out of the tent they noticed a group of cultists talking not far from them. One of the cultists was an elf with a goatee and brown hair. For some reason they recognized this elf, and it dawned on a few of them.

This was the same elf they had seen among the monks in the keep in Greenest. The elf that had worn the Dancers symbol.

End of the Session.


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