The World of Aadrynne

HOTDQ Evil Edition: Session 3

Session 3: July 13/16

The group approached the elf, just as he finished ordering the cultist he had been speaking to. Lucius became speaking to the elf, and leaving little hints in his speech that they knew who he was. The elf then ordered the adventurers to go help with moving the treasure hoard into the mouth of the cave. He dismissed them and left.

Lucius tried to follow the elf, but he lost him in the camp. The group then headed over to the wagons full of treasure to help out. Mondath was organizing the moving of the treasure, much to Vinditus’ dismay. She told them what to do with the treasure, which was followed by back talk from Vinditus. This made Mondath displeased.

The human ordered that the recruits unload three wagons themselves, as punishment for Vunditus’ words. They were not to happy about that. Lucius snuck away from the work, to go look for the elf. Ringa Ding, the master of the three sided shape, realized he didn’t want to work at all either, and went for a nap. The Kenku stayed and helped, that is he stayed only to secretly steal some of the treasure. Vinditus caught the Kenku trying to steal, and confronted him, tried to force him to stop. It only semi-worked.

Meanwhile Lucius searched for the elf. He found the elf sneak out from behind a hut. Lucius went around there and found a muddy boot print with something shiny sticking out. He picked it up, and discovered a brooch, the symbol of the Dancers. Lucius pocketed the brooch and continued on his way. He headed back to his companions and help Vinditus and the Kenku with the treasure crates.

While they were walking towards the cave, the elf passed right in front of them. Lucius stopped him and made some mention about a brooch. The elf ignored Lucius and continued to walk. They noticed however the elf do a once over of himself, and he seemed distraught.

Suddenly Mondath approached them and lost her shit because they weren’t working. Ringa Ding came running up behind them faking being out a breath and complained that he was doing all the work himself. Mondath threatened to give them more work if they didn’t get their assess in gear.

Lucius told the other recruits about the brooch, and they started to think what they should do with it. After the work was finished they all headed back to their hut and Lucius sat down for a came of cards with Vinditus. That is when the elf showed up again, with Cyanwrath in toe.

The efl pointed a finger at Lucius and declared that he was a spy and a member of the Dancers. Lucius denied the claims, but the elf claimed he had seen him with a Dancer brooch. Cyanwrath demanded that Lucius be arrested and tied to an X. Lucius tried to explain but Cyanwrath wouldn’t hear any of it.

As the guards dragged Lucius away, the elf turned and winked at the kenku, and Vinditus. Lucius was tied up and bound. Cyanwrath went to go retrieve Mondath, while the elf headed to go question Lucius. Along the way, Ringa Ding stopped the elf to speak with him, and during this time, Vinditus and the kenku headed over to Lucius to speak with him.

The three of them made a plan. The kenku took the brooch from Lucius, and hide it in his pocket. Ringa Ding was still speaking with the elf, and the elf ordered him to go retrieve Cyanwrath. Ringa Ding agree and turned to go. Cyanwrath and Mondath were already on their way so, he followed them to Lucius.

Cyanwrath arrived and immediately punched Lucius in the face. The human tried to speak but Cyanwrath refused to listen to him. Vinditus made a point, that they had no proof that the brooch was on Lucius as they had yet to search him. Mondath did the honors, and stripped Lucius down naked, and of course didn’t find the brooch.

While this was happening, the kenku secretly slipped the brooch into the pocket of the elf. Lucius claimed that the brooch was actually the elves but none of them believed him. He said well if it’s not on me, then why not search the elf. The elf was irritated but did not stop them saying he had nothing to hide.

Mondath found the brooch in the elf’s pocket. When this happened he smirked at Lucius, Vinditus and the kenku and said well played. The elf was arrested and then Lucius was taken down. Cyanwrath asked if they meet him in the main tent to discuss.

At the main tent, Cyanwrath asked the recruits if they would interrogate the elf for him and find out what he was doing, as he was confused why a Dancer would be looking into them. Lucius and Vinditus made comments towards Mondath about being kinky and she was not having it.

The recruits headed back over to the elf, and learned his name was Leosin Erlanthar, and he was indeed a member of the Dancers. He didn’t speak at first, but after a little torture, and the kenku placing attaching a kobold foot on Leosin’s ass, he finally talked. He was there on his own accord, and was investigating the Cult of the Dragon to see what they were up too. He said he was already sent a message out, and would not be receiving another one until he got out.

Leosin eventually passed out, and the recruits returned to Cyanwrath to relay the info. When they entered the main tent, they found Cyanwrath and Mondath inside as well as Rezmir and some tall human with gold painted skin. He was wearing large red robes. He was introduced as an ally.

After they told the leader’s what Leosin said Rezmir spoke up for the first time that it not surprising that Leosin infiltrated them, she knew he was on their trial for quite some time. She then says she is not sure if his presence in Greenest is a coincidence or a sign that the cult’s plans have been compromised. Rezmir dismissed the recruits saying she wished to speak with privately.

They left the tent and then went around back and eavesdropped on Rezmir’s conversation. The half dragon told Cyanwrath and Mondath it was probably time they departed. She says they should have the camp pack up within a few days. She then says if they are packed up quick, she will be assigning Cyanwrath and Mondath to the Hatchery, with a troupe of guards. She states that the clutch is too close to hatching to move them now. She also said the other wyrmspeakers will want to hear about the Dancers.

The recruits then went off to bed. They woke around noon the next day to Cyanwrath entering their hut. The camp outside was in chaos. In the night Leosin was able to escape, so Rezmir ordered the immediate departure of the camp. He then explains to them that inside the cave there are three dragon eggs close to hatching, to close to move them. He asks if they will stay behind with him, about a week to guard the clutch in case the Dancers or anyone else show up.

By the end of the day the camp was packed and the cult’s loot was placed in wagons and taken away. The recruits were assigned to watch the front entrance of the cave and given orders that they were not to enter the cave under any circumstances.

Six days past without incident. Until on the seventh day, when they heard screams coming from inside the cave. A kobold came running towards them but stopped short when it was struck with a spear. Three troglodytes came rushing into the cave. Ringa Ding, the kenku and Lucius struggled but were able to take them out.

They decided to head into the cave to see what was going on. They headed in, and were ambushed by more troglodytes, by a staircase. They dealt with the creatures, and continued further. They crossed through a patch of fungi, where the kenku was attacked by a tentacles, because he believed he needed the fungi for a potion.

Further in the cave, they found a room full a bats, they carefully snuck through, and found a room where the cult was keeping drakes. They tried to stay quiet, when they found the found a group of kobolds. The kobolds demanded they follow them and be taken to their leader. They noticed the kobolds had a glaze over their eyes, and assumed they must be charmed.

They fought the kobolds and Ringa Ding was able to break the charm spell on a few of them, but unfortunately they were killed. They continued and found a pathway leading up. They tripped a falling boulder trap but managed to escape. They snuck through a barracks full of kobolds and headed into a different room.

There they found Cyanwrath flanked by two large human cultists wielding battle axes. They made sure to stay back, just in case Cyanwrath was also charmed. In front of the half-dragon was a large shrine dedicated to Tiamat.

Suddenly Cyanwrath started smash it apart, crying down with Tiamat. That confirmed to the recruits that he was indeed charmed. They started to battle him, and Ringa Ding was able to break the spell with his own magic. Cyanwrath helped them deal with the other two cultists.

He thanked them for breaking the spell, and they said they were unsure about what was causing it. He said they must check on the dragon eggs, and hope that they are still okay.

End of Session.


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