Fenrir Coforteum

Borderline Demon. Incredible Marskmen (60% of the time). Has a thing for deals and taking souls.


Current Level: 8th Level Hunter (Ranger)
Race: Tiefling (Skandar)
Background: Outlander
AC: 16 (Scale Mail)
Speed: 30
Weapon of Choice: Oathbow
Strength: +2 (15)
Dexterity: +3 (16)
Constitution: +1 (13)
Intelligence: +0 (10)
Wisdom: +2 (14)
Charmisa: +1 (12)
Skill Proficiencies: Athletic, Insight, Perception, Stealth, Survival
Feats: Self Trained Archer (Homebrew), Inner Demon (Homebrew)
Titles: Bane of Death (Homebrew)

Birthday – 99th Era, 76th Year


Hailing from the Anastasian city of Lakeport, Fenrir grew up spat upon his whole life. His tiefling parents always wanting a better life for him. They grew up poor, in the slums of Lakeport, living as beggars and when the need arose, thieves. Fenrir and his parents were treated like they were less than nothing, and they wanted nothing more than to escape the city. When Fenrir was young, his father got a job as a cook in one of the port taverns and was slowly saving money to have enough to leave the Lakeport behind forever. Most of Fenrir’s childhood was spent in the back of that tavern’s kitchen trying his best to keep hidden alongside his mother. One night in the tavern, several drunken sailors entered, looking for a warm meal. The innkeeper ordered Fenrir’s father to make the finest meal he could, and so he did. The sailors were so impressed with the meal they asked to congratulate the chef. The innkeeper tried to convince them otherwise, but they insisted. When they saw Fenrir’s father was a tiefling it sent the sailors into a rage. Tieflings had a bad reputation in Lakeport, and these sailors spared no love for them. They claimed the meal had been poisoned by black magic, and claimed the innkeeper was trying to kill them. The innkeeper sent them away, but the sailors returned the next day, sent by their captain to kill the tiefling. The sailors beat Fenrir’s parents, with no signs of stopping, while he watched, and the sailors almost got him too but he was able to escape before they could get to him. He fled the city and into the Lakide Forest, miles away. It was there that Fenrir’s hatred for humans began, first because of the atrocity the sailors committed and second for getting the tiefling curse in the first place. Fenrir couldn’t help but think had he not be a tiefling his life would have been so much different. But Fenrir cast those thoughts aside and continued life, learning to live off the land and teaching himself the skills of a ranger. Eventually he came across a half-orc man by the name of Argonak, who further developed Fenrir’s skills. The two of them eventually departed, and Fenrir continued spent most of his days in that forest, and every day he swore to himself that he would avenge his parents someday, and find a way to break the tiefling curse or better yet, make the world respect them. The world would learn to fear the tieflings, and it was going to be through Fenrir’s doing.

Went into self appointed exile after fleeing the Battle for Anastasai

Fenrir Coforteum

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