James Ebonheart (Dead)

Sarcastic, Sex-Addict, and Near Untouchable. Your typical lord.


Current Level: 8th Level Fighter
Race: Human (Dragoon)
AC: 21 (plate mail, shield – 22 when Sentinel Shield is planted)
HP: 65 (8d10+16)
Speed: 35
Weapon of Choice: Custos (family longsword)
Strength: +3 (16)
Dexterity: +2 (14)
Constitution: +2 (15)
Intelligence: +1 (13)
Wisdom: -1 (9)
Charmisa: +2 (15)
Skill Proficiencies: Atheletics, History, Intimidation, Persaution
Feats: Defensive Duelist, Heartbreaker (18 Extra Feats)

99th Era, 79th Year – 100th Era, 2nd Year


As the second born son of Lord Colborn Ebonheart, James was never groomed to be a lord. Though he learned all the skills necessary, everyone knew his brother Layton Ebonheart, would be the next Lord of the Heartlands. James was perfectly okay with this. Even as a young boy, he knew the life of a ruler was not the life he dreamed of. He enjoyed nothing more than being outside the gates of his home city of Ebston, exploring the wonders of the outside world… and as he got older the insides of as many brothels as he could. Though more out than not those visits were less for fun and more for distractions from his memory. In his sixteenth year, the year he was finally considered a man, he and Layton snuck out of the city. It was the start of summer then, and the lands were starting to warm up. At least it was warm to the people of the Grilux Kingdom, anything just above freezing was warm for them. He and Layton took off on horseback and raced through the foothills of the Heartlands without a care in the world. Until something spookedLayton’s horse, and he was thrown from the beast. One kick to the head later, and Layton went from being the next and greatest heir, to nearly a halfwit. The next few years were hard for James and his family, as they tried to help Layton relearn some of the most basic skills. After five years of trying, it seemedLayton was a lost cause, and the day James had been dreading came. His father approached him and asked him to be the next heir of the Heartlands. James didn’t want to refuse, didn’t want to let his father down, but he couldn’t bring himself to agree. Something about the event all those years ago didn’t sit well with him. Something about that day had haunted him every night for the past five years. He just had the feeling it wasn’t meant to be this way. So James offered his father an ultimatum. He would be allowed to travel the world for one year, as that was his plan before the incident with his brother. If in one year, Layton continued to show he was a lost cause,James would accept and take over as the heir.His father agreed, and James set out, hoping not only for himself but for his brother’s sake, that he would get better.

Was Killed by Devurog during the Battle For Anastasai

James Ebonheart (Dead)

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