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The Deities of Aadrynne

The Multiverse of Aadrynne is full of gods, demigods, and beings of near god-like power. Every deity gets there power from the faith of mortals, and a large majority of them live in the Prime Planes, although there is a good portion that resides in the Inner and Elemental Planes.

Though there is no definitive ranking system within the gods, a hierarchy is definitely present. Generally, the older more powerful gods are seen as rulers within the Pantheon. Crassuss, the god of time, and Luxin the goddess of creation, the first gods, are universally seen as the rulers, by gods and mortals alike. The Eight, the most worshiped children of Crassuss and Luxin, are given high renown within the pantheon; they were the creators of most of the Planes of Existence, and many of the mortal races on the Material Place.

Each god in the pantheon represents an aspect or several. Some of the lesser worshiped gods and goddesses become powerful solars while others are “demoted” to being planars or devas. Though it is rare, it is possible for mortals to ascend to godhood, usually taking up the mantle of a forgotten aspect, taking over the godhood of an aspect, or they become an extension of a more powerful god.

For a full list of the Aadrynne Pantheon see below.
For a list of gods by Domain, press the domain below.

The Domains

In a pantheon, every deity has influence over different aspects of mortal life and civilization, called a deity’s domain. In the world of Aadrynne, deities can belong to one or more different Major Domains, though a large majority of them belong to only one.

  • Death
  • Knowledge
  • Life
  • Light
  • Nature
  • Tempest
  • Trickery
  • War.

There are other Minor Domains (homebrew domains), and a god can belong to any number of them. These include:

  • Hunt Domain
  • Dream Domain
  • Peace Domain
  • Luck Domain
  • Entropy Domain
  • Gear Domain
  • Travel Domain
  • Arcana Domain

The Full Pantheon

Name Alignment Aspect Domains
Alloe Neutral Good God of Peace Life, Nature
Ammun Neutral Good God of Day and the Sun Life, Light
Asylum Chaotic Evil God of Madness Death, Tempest, War
Awdross Chaotic Evil God of the Abyss None
Bellian Lawful Good Goddess of Life Life
Brokkin Lawful Neutral God of Earth Nature, Tempest
Brokkir Neutral Good God of Smiting and Crafting Knowledge
Buleart Neutral God of Evocation Tempest
Chir Chaotic Evil God of UnDeath and Necromancy Death
Clair Neutral Goddess of Divination and Truesight Knowledge
Cloak Neutral Evil Goddess of Murder and Crime Death, Trickery
Cott Lawful Neutral God of Victory and Triumph War
Crassuss Chaotic Neutral God of Time Knowledge
Crowlumbus Chaotic Good God of Exploration Knowledge
Daesin Lawful Evil God of Injustice War
Dalmore Neutral God of Fishing Nature
Davacoh Chaotic Good God of the Hunt and Archery Nature, War
Dracko Chaotic Good God of Light Light
Drateth Neutral God of Intellect Knowledge
Elair Neutral Goddess of Magic Knowledge
Erolas Chaotic Good Goddess of Love and Beauty Life
Evia Neutral Goddess of the Mind Knowledge
Exbus Neutral Gatekeeper of the Underworld Death
Farrai Neutral Good Goddess of Writing and Reading Knowledge
Fless Chaotic Good God of Doorways, Portals and Crossroads Trickery
Foller Neutral Good God of Spring Life, Nature
Fornog Chaotic Evil God of Fire Nature, Tempest
Fortune Neutral Goddess of Luck and Misfortune Life, Trickery
Gaunt Lawful Neutral God of Protection Life, Light, War
Gromush Chaotic Evil God of Conquerors War
Heran Lawful Neutral Goddess of Birth and Rebirth Life, Light
Honorus Lawful Good God of Justice and Honor Life, Light, War
Illad Chaotic Neutral God of Trickery Trickery
Inevri Horadka Chaotic Neutral God of Drinking, Partying, and Gambling Life, Tempest
Inu Chaotic Evil God of Poisons and Disease Death
Jaess Neutral God of Trade Knowledge
Jandrus Chaotic Neutral Goddess of Autumn Nature, Trickery
Kain Chaotic Good Goddess of Air Nature, Tempest
Kirklan Chaotic Neutral God of Illusions Trickery
Krampos Neutral Evil God of Thieves and Taking Trickery
Krynn Neutral Evil Goddess of Fear War
Laduguer Lawful Evil Former Master of Crafts, The Gray Protector Knowledge
Lady Morban Chaotic Neutral Goddess of Monsters and Creatures Nature
Lara Neutral Goddess of Health and Affliction Life
Lazar Chaotic Evil God of the Hells Death, War
Lolth Chaotic Evil Goddess of the Underdark, Drow and Spiders Death, Trickery
Luxin Lawful Neutral Goddess of Creation Life
Maris Neutral Good Goddess of Trees, Forests and Jungles Nature
Mars Lawful Neutral God of War War
Methannah Chaotic Good God of Summer Light
Micdew Neutral God of Transmutation Nature
Morakar Chaotic Good God of Minotaurs, Hunt, and Savagery
Nature, War
Musollo Neutral Good Goddess of Music and Entertainment Light
Myer Lawful Good Goddess of Courage Life, War
Nick Neutral Good God of Gifts, Joy, and the Home Life
Nid Chaotic Neutral God of Oceans and Seas Tempest
Nocturn Neutral Evil God of Darkness Death, Trickery
Nyxum Neutral Evil Goddess of Night, and the Moon Death
Oreches Neutral Good God of Agriculture and Growth Life, Nature
Ponress Neutral Good Goddess of Water Nature, Tempest
Raven Neutral God/Goddess of the Soul Death, Life
Reaguard Chaotic Evil God of Fury Tempest, War
Savanar Lawful Neutral Goddess of Deserts and Wastelands Nature
Seqet Chaotic Evil Goddess of Lies and Deception Trickery
Shess Chaotic Evil God of Natural Disaster Tempest
Silveira Neutral Good Goddess of Nature Nature
Sorse Neutral Goddess of Enchantment Light
Stoh Chaotic Good God of Weather Tempest
Temper Chaotic Evil Goddess of Anger and Hate Tempest, War
Thanus Neutral God of Death Death
Thon Neutral God of Knowledge Knowledge
Tryrel Neutral Evil Goddess of Winter Nature, Tempest
Vorus Chaotic Neutral God of Tempest Tempest
Walker Lawful Good God of Hope and Guardianship Life, Light, War
Warrens Neutral God of Conjuration Life
Weyya Lawful Good Goddess of Civilization, Community, and Propriety Life
Xades Chaotic Evil Goddess of Storms and Lighting Tempest
Ysismyr Neutral Good God of Animals Nature
Zora Chaotic Neutral Goddess of Mystery and Secrets Trickery
Zoristar Coman Neutral Goddess of Abjuration War

The Mother and Father

The Children of Time and Creation

  • Bellian – Goddess of Life, LG
  • Dracko – Goddess of Light, CG
  • Illad – God of Trickery, CN
  • Mars – God of War, LN
  • Thanus – God of Death, LN
  • Thon – God of Knowledge, N
  • Silveira – Goddess of Nature, NG
  • Vorus – God of Tempest, CN
  • Gromush – God of Conquerors, CE
  • Lazar God of the Hells, CE
  • Awdross – God of the Abyss, CE

The Elemental Gods

Gods of the Death Domain

  • Asylum – God of Madness, CE
  • Cloak – Goddess of Murder and Crime, NE
  • Chir – God of Undeath and Necromancy, CE
  • Exbus – Gatekeeper of the Underworld, N
  • Inu – God of Poisons and Disease, CE
  • Nyxum – Goddess of Night and the Moon, NE
  • Raven – God/Goddess of the Soul (genderless), N

Gods of the Knowledge Domain
The gods of knowledge value learning and understanding above all. Some teach that knowledge is to be gathered and shared in libraries and universities, or promote the practical knowledge of craft and invention. Some deities hoard knowledge and keep its secrets to themselves. And some promise their followers that they will gain tremendous power if they unlock the secrets of the multiverse. Followers of these gods study esoteric lore, collect old tomes, delve into the secret places of the earth, and learn all they can. Some gods of knowledge promote the practical knowledge of craft and invention.

  • Brokkir – God of Smithing and Crafting, NG
  • Crowlumbus – God of Exploration, CG
  • Drateth – God of Intellect, N
  • Elair – Goddess of Magic, N
  • Evia – Goddess of the Mind, N
  • Farrai – Goddess of Writing and Reading, NG
  • Jaess – God of Trade, N
  • Clair – Goddess of Divination and Truesight, N

Gods of the Light Domain
Gods of light promote the ideals of rebirth and renewal, truth, vigilance, and beauty, often using the symbol of the sun. Some of these gods are portrayed as the sun itself or as a charioteer who guides the sun across the sky. Others are tireless sentinels whose eyes pierce every shadow and see through every deception. Some are deities of beauty and artistry, who teach that art is a vehicle for the soul’s improvement. Clerics o f a god of light are enlightened souls infused with radiance and the power of their gods’ discerning vision, charged with chasing away lies and burning away darkness.

  • Ammun – God of Day and the Sun, NG
  • Heran – Goddess of Birth and Rebirth, LN
  • Honorus – God of Justice and Honor, LG
  • Musollo – Goddess of Music and Entertainment, NG
  • Methannah – God of Summer, CG
  • Sorse – Goddess of Enchantment, N

Gods of the Nature Domain
Gods of nature are as varied as the natural world itself, from inscrutable gods of the deep forests to friendly deities associated with particular springs and groves. Druids revere nature as a whole and might serve one of these deities, practicing mysterious rites and reciting all-but-forgotten prayers in their own secret tongue. But many of these gods have
clerics as well, champions who take a more active role in advancing the interests of a particular nature god. These clerics might hunt the evil monstrosities that despoil the woodlands, bless the harvest of the faithful, or wither the crops of those who anger their gods.

  • Dalmore – God of Fishing, N
  • Davacoh – God of the Hunt, CG
  • Foller – God of Spring, NG
  • Maris – Jungle Cat Goddess of Forests and Jungles, NG
  • Savanar – Goddess of Deserts and Wastelands, LN
  • Ysismyr – God of Animals, NG
  • Lady Morban – Goddess of Monsters and Creatures, CN
  • Micdew – God of Transmutation, N

Gods of the Tempest Domain
Gods whose portfolios include the Tempest domain govern storms, sea, and sky. They include gods of lightning and thunder, gods of earthquakes, some fire gods, and certain gods of violence, physical strength, and courage. In some pantheons, a god of this domain rules over other deities and is known for swift justice delivered by thunderbolts. In the pantheons of seafaring people, gods of this domain are ocean deities and the patrons of sailors. Tempest gods send their clerics to inspire fear in the common folk, either to keep those folk on the path of righteousness or to encourage them to offer sacrifices of propitiation toward off divine wrath.

  • Inevri Horadka – God of Drinking, Partying and Gambling, CN
  • Nid – God of the Oceans and Sea, CN
  • Shess – God of Natural Diaster, CE
  • St’oh – God of Weather, CG
  • Tryrel – Goddess of Winter, NE
  • Xades – Goddess of Storm, and Lighting, CE
  • Buleart – God of Evocation, N

Gods of the Trickery Domain
Gods of trickery are mischief-makers and instigators who stand as a constant challenge to the accepted order among both gods and mortals. They’re patrons of thieves, scoundrels, gamblers, rebels, and liberators. Their clerics are a disruptive force in the world, puncturing pride, mocking tyrants, stealing from the rich, freeing captives, and flouting hollow traditions. They prefer subterfuge, pranks, deception, and theft rather than direct confrontation.

  • Fless – God of Doorways, Portals, and Crossroads, CG
  • Fortune – Goddess of Luck and Misfortune, N
  • Jandrus – Goddess of Autumn, CN
  • Kirklan – God of Illusions, CN
  • Krampos – God of Thieves and Taking, CN
  • Nocturn – God of Darkness, NE
  • Seqet – Goddess of Lies and Deception, CE
  • Zora – Goddess of Mystery and Secrets, CN

Gods of the War Domain
War has many manifestations. It can make heroes of ordinary people. It can be desperate and horrific, with acts o f cruelty and cowardice eclipsing instances of excellence and courage. In either case, the gods of war watch over warriors and reward them for their great deeds. The clerics of such gods excel in battle, inspiring others to fight the good fight or offering acts of violence as prayers. Gods of war include champions of honor and chivalry as well as gods of destruction and pillage and gods of conquest and domination. Other war gods take a more neutral stance, promoting war in all its manifestations and supporting warriors in any circumstance.

  • Cott – God of Victory and Triumph, LN
  • Daesin – God of Injustice, LE
  • Krynn – Goddess of Fear, NE
  • Myer – Goddess of Courage, LG
  • Reaguard – God of Fury, CE
  • Temper – Goddess of Anger and Hate, CE
  • Zoristar Coman – Goddes of Abjuration, N

Religions of the Material Plane

Although every culture shares the same pantheon of gods, each culture picks and chooses which ones they worship. This resulted in many different religions existing throughout the Material Plane, each with their own beliefs on how the gods operate.

The Gods

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