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Note not to forget, Citadel Stonekeep, oldest dwarf city, overtaken by orcs 300 years ago, occupation lasted 250 years.

Planes of Existence

Every Plane of Existence has its own unique features and traits, and not every Plane of Existence is available for anyone to travel to. Travel between the Inner Planes is done through the Ethereal Bleed, and can prove simple for those powerful enough. Travel between the Inner and Elemental Planes is fairly simple, as one does not have to travel through the Ethereal Bleed to do so, but going from the Inner to the Prime requires usually proves more difficult because they are protected by the Astral Sea and their godly patrons. Travel to the Planes of Nothing is nearly impossible as they exist outside of Time and Creation, and they are only a few, even among the gods that know they exist, let alone how to travel there.
Each Plane has a World Stone at its core. The World Stones act as a magical keystone that keeps the Plane in one piece. The World Stones are the most powerful things in creation, and because of this, they have been sought after. Little do most of these seekers know, is that it is near impossible to control a World Stone, let alone find it and then retrieve it.

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